This guy to the right was left chained behind a vacated house. The other dog found a home and we agreed to foster this dog. He has been here a very long time and now thinks this is his home. SO - - - he has done okay and has one particularly good friend, (a large female dog) but is used to fighting for what he considers his so doesn't always get along with others. He is very good with us and has never been hostile, but apparently was encouraged to be aggressive toward strangers. He is coping very well with delivery people he encounters as long as they ignore him. Does NOT want some stranger to hug him. He minds well and always comes when called. If you are interested in Dumas, please consider spending time getting to know him. We don't want him in a situation where he is uncomfortable and thinks he needs to revert to old behaviors.
Dumas is a  nice border collie mix, neutered and current on vaccinations. 

Check us out on petfinder under Hardluck Hounds, Filer, Idaho. We will post more photos of these adoptable dogs. 

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