We have decided to participate in
"IDAHO GIVES"     May 1, 2014

Your donations will help our organization provide food and care to 
homeless and neglected animals. Please help us aid a pet in need.

Hardluck Hounds has rescued starving dogs, a dog impaled on rebar, abandoned dogs and cats and many other animals and livestock. We work to find homes for the adoptable animals and provide care for others at the rescue. We do our best to help out individuals that cannot take their lifelong pet when they are admitted to a care facility. 

Please consider a donation by using the paypal button or donating to Hardluck Hounds and Friends Pet Rescue - "IDAHO GIVES"
May 1, 2014

Thanks to all that allow our work to continue!


Please send donations to 

Hardluck Hounds and Friends
3735 N 2200 E
Filer, ID 83328   OR
Click on the PayPal button

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