The Husky that was found has been picked up by his owner. Thanks to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter for giving him our contact number. He was very happy to have him return home safe and sound. 

Good news about a cat adoption from last year. He has a new name (Menace) and is doing well. His new owners say he is very personable and has never met a stranger. Thanks so much to the Wilkensons for adopting this one eyed cat.

Your donations will help our organization provide food and care to 
homeless and neglected animals. Please help us aid a pet in need.

Please consider a donation by using the paypal button or donating to Hardluck Hounds and Friends Pet Rescue at the address below.

Thanks to everyone that has donated to allow our work to continue!

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Hardluck Hounds and Friends
3735 N 2200 E
Filer, ID 83328   OR
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